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– To build and maintain our community together and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our own and resolve them together.

“I am a freelance website designer offering creative, affordable, and quality website design services for personal, business, and non-profit entities.”
– Ronnie McCarrell


Ujamaa Web provides worldwide services and was established to deliver website development and hosting services to individuals and business owners. Creating search engine optimized appealing websites, coupled with fostering collaborative customer lead generation among clients is the business model employed. 

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“My vision is to empower businesses to achieve more, gain financial success, and attain long-term stability.”

-Ronnie McCarrell

Why Choose Me?


I’m an IT Geek and love my job. I possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security; furthermore, I have additional training in website development and branding. Each website designed adheres to strict security policies and the best practices of website design. Hosting services use cutting edge, distributed servers to ensure zero downtime for your website.

Analyze Your Goal

I assess and evaluate how to get you where you want to be – even if we have to start slow, we’ll get there together.

Improve Your Performance

In addition to creating your website, I also provide an action plan on how to increase exposure to your website.

Time and Dedication

My time is dedicated to creating an exceptional product for clients and fulling my vision for Ujamaa Web. I take no shortcuts and adhere to the best practices of website design elements; in addition, I  employ effective branding, coding, and marketing standards for every website.

“I will create, design, analyze, and execute highly effective, strategic digital marketing campaigns that will make a profound impact on your growth, generate revenue, build brand recognition and customer retention.”
-Ronnie McCarrell